PACK: ALL INCLUSIVE- Ecommerce Website

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1 × STANDARD - Ecommerce Website Maintenance (Monthly Fee)
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1 × PREMIUM - Ecommerce Website Maintenance (Monthly Fee)
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As we have previously recommended, it is convenient to purchase hosting services from specialized companies that only provide hosting services and highest standards.


These companies provide the security that your business needs, fulfilling the responsibility that your online business is always active without being affected by technical, human or weather failures. This crucial task for your online business is best left to professionals, who ensure that they comply with the security and data protection laws of each country and keep your company safe from malicious attacks.


DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THOSE WHO OFFER YOU HOSTING INCLUDED. It is a risk for you and your company and you will always be exposed to losing everything you have worked for.


For hosting services we have trusted Siteground and Hostgator for more than 10 years and there are many reasons why they are the two biggest hosting companies in the world with the trust of developers and specialized magazine. Click here to see offers


We have created a video explaining how to acquire your hosting with this two providers to help you with this process and get your free domain name and professional email addresses. See Video


After the moment of your purchase we will contact you by email to ask you for the information you want to include in your website, such as photos, some text describing your activity, the location of your company (if you have a physical business), etc. Sending us this information will not take you more than 5 minutes.


In reference to the Logo of your business, if you do not have one, do not worry, you can add the package Logo Design at the time of your purchase with a 30% DISCOUNT.


We will create your logo for you according to your sector and knowing what will cause the greatest impact on your customers, following the trends set by the market. We will respect the colors you have selected as the colors of your website, to enhance your brand is recognizable anywhere by your customers.

As soon as we have your information with everything you want to include in your website, we will start creating your new website and we will inform you by email. From this moment on your page will be ready in 5-6 working days. Remember that if you want us to deliver it in HALF TIME, you can add the Express Delivery package at the time of your purchase with a 30% DISCOUNT.